Green Light for Construction of BeGreen's First Wood-burning Power Plant in Flevoland


On November 24, 2017, energy producer BeGreen signed a loan agreement with Duurzame Energie- en Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij (DE-on) Flevoland, and The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments, thereby giving the green light to the construction of the first wood-burning power station in the province of Flevoland by BeGreen. Last Monday, November 27, the first pile was driven. Thanks to energy producer BeGreen, Lelystad's energy grid, currently to a large extent supplied by gas, will be extended with a sustainable power station. The transition from gas to sustainable raw materials for local energy has become a reality with this plant.

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A large number of parties are involved in this team effort. BeGreen's sustainable wood-fired incineration plant will deliver energy to energy providers Nuon and Ennatuurlijk. Other parties involved are The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments, the Municipality of Lelystad and private equity partner Momentum Capital. DE-on has embraced the BeGreen project by taking on part of the financing itself.

Hage de Vries, director of DE-on Flevoland, says "Together with DE-on, we support those in Flevoland who are taking the initiative in developing, realizing, and financing sustainable energy and energy-saving projects. We are also proud of our collaboration with BeGreen, with whom we are taking big steps to create a climate-neutral province."

Willem Meijers, investment manager at The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments, adds "We are also pleased with this collaboration. We believe that in order to reach a biobased economy, you first have to create a market. That's why we are financing this wood-burning power station in Flevoland."

Big Step in CO2 Savings

The CO2 emissions from a wood-burning power station are at least 90% lower than those produced by a gas-fired plant. It's an excellent transition method that complements other established means of energy production, such as geothermal power. Carbon-neutral firing using wood chippings certainly delivers results, particularly when it comes to reaching Flevoland province's ambitious climate objective to be completely energy neutral by 2030.

Gas-free Age
The new wood-burning power station in Lelystad is being built on the edge of the new residential area of Warande. Housing in this neighborhood is already being built with an eye on the future gas-free age. Together with Ennatuurlijk, the Municipality of Lelystad has reached agreements to connect future housing there to a city power grid.

BeGreen explains, "We have been working on increasing the sustainability of local power generation for more than five years. By working together with government, energy companies, and development organizations like DE-on, we want to see more and more renewable sources of energy in the Netherlands. Our collaboration with DE-on and The Dutch National Fund for Green Investments has made it possible to finance a large part of our project, which enabled us to turn it into a reality."